Happy Halloween: 4 Spooky Interior Design Mistakes

Kiel James Patrick

Happy Halloween! To celebrate the day we are talking about spooky decorating mistakes. Common and easy to make, these mistakes can create a cold, shadowy interior. A few easy fixes and your space will be warm and welcoming.


Dark Dim Interiors: Only Using One Light Source

Becki Owens Double Eagle Project / Mykals Architectural Photography

One overhead light is usually never enough in a space. Adding sconces on the wall, a beautiful floor lamp in the corner, or table lamps by the sofa helps avoid shadowy corners and ensures you can adjust your lighting needs throughout the day.


Barren Landscapes: Forgetting Fresh Greens

Becki Owens Summit Creek ProjectRebekah Westover Photography

Fresh vibrant greens can transform a space that is feeling flat. The pop of color, the pretty texture, and the fresh scent reenergize any room.


Creepy Clones: Overly Matched Spaces

Becki Owens Vidriosa Project Bathroom / Autumn Grace Photography

Avoid the stale vibe of a perfectly matched interior by mixing metals, wood tones, textures, and colors. The combination will feel fresh and collected.


Cavernous Rooms: Little Rugs, Lights, and Furniture in Big Spaces

Becki Owens Las Palmas ProjectRyan Garvin Photography

A cavernous room feels lonely. Remedy it by paying attention to scale and spacing. Ground the space with a correctly sized rug. Read here for rug guidelines. Make sure that your lighting is large enough to ground the space of fill a corner. Select furniture suited to the space. Just like oversize furniture in a small space makes it feel cramped, too small furniture in a large room feels empty and uninviting.

Happy Halloween!



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