The Range Hood Guide

Remodeling your kitchen? One feature to consider is a range hood. Not only are they useful for venting smoke, smells, and gas, but they can also be a beautiful feature of the space. Although there are practical things that might determine what type of range hood you can do in your kitchen (like the location of the duct work), knowing the style you like gives you a place to start. Whether you are drawn to dramatic statement hoods or those with a simple minimalist design, today I am sharing inspirations for range hood designs you might consider.



Exposed vents  are simple, affordable, and clean with a hint of industrial cool. I love this look and have used it in several kitchen designs (Estillo, Cadiz, Olympic Way, Ledgewood). You can leave the entire chimney exposed or just the vent under cabinetry or custom wood work.


black, white and brass kitchen makeover

Becki Owens Ledgewood Project

Regan Baker Design

Under Cabinet

Kelly Deck


If you decide that you want your vent to be hidden from view, there are a lot of pretty options. Range hoods are often custom and so can come in many shapes and materials.


Plaster hoods are beautiful. They are perfect in a Mediterranean-style kitchen with a rustic, old world aesthetic. Simple plaster-board range hoods can look clean and modern and are affordable.

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Amber Interiors


Shiplap range hoods add design without sacrificing a clean-lined look. It is a style that looks especially good in a modern farmhouse.

Amber Interiors

Simo Design


Setting the vent into the ceiling of a recessed alcove creates a modern minimalist look. I love the simplicity.

Heather A Wilson

Jean Stoffer Design


If you are short on space, you might want to build the range hood into your cabinetry design. This idea creates a nice uninterrupted line of cabinets along the wall. Although the cabinet space is hard to reach, it is a good place to store special-occasion stemware or other kitchen items that don’t see much use.

Jennifer Worts Design

Custom Wood

Custom wood range hoods have a rich look designed to meet the unique style and space requirements of your kitchen. You can choose how simple or ornate you want it, and could leave it raw wood, paint it to match your cabinetry, or pick a contrasting color to make a statement.

Vaughn Miller Studio

Becki Owens


Metal range hoods have lux appeal. I’ve picked out a few beautiful options so that you can see how different metals, shapes, and details work in different spaces depending on wether you want to go rustic, industrial, or glam.

Melanie Turner Interiors

Katrina Porter

Coats Homes



Stone and tile covered range hoods blend beautifully with your backsplash and counters. Marble looks chic, while tile can look clean and rustic.

The Leslie Style

Joanna Gaines

Hopefully breaking down some hood range options helps you decide the design of your own kitchen. There are so many beautiful options. For more kitchen ideas, check out these post on the Pros and Cons of Kitchen Flooring Options, Cabinetry Paint Guide, or Q&A: Choosing Paint Finish. For more inspiration images, follow along with me on Pinterest.

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the range hood guide

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