Pros and Cons: Kitchen Flooring

I’ve been browsing kitchen flooring inspiration for an upcoming project. In most my kitchens, I go for a wide-plank oak and use it throughout the home for a seamless transition between each room. But there are downsides to wood flooring in the kitchen and other beautiful options to consider. Take a look at these beautiful inspiration shots and read about the pros and cons of choosing tile, concrete, or wood kitchen floors before you start your own kitchen refresh.


Jen Cavorsi

Christopher Knight Interiors and Fox Force Five Construction

how to style your kitchen for spring BeckI Owens

Becki Owens Lucia Project

Kitchen Design Network

Emily Henderson

Navy brass modern rustic and white kitchen

Matters of Space

Via Room for Tuesday

DISC Interiors


Tile in the kitchen is a lot of fun because there are so many different options in material, color, and shape that you can use to get the look you are after. I am loving the lux look of natural stone tile, the statement that patterned tiles make, or the warmth and ease of a faux-wood ceramic tile. Tile can accommodate many different budgets. And maybe most importantly, most tile is incredibly low maintenance, keeping out water and stains with little effort on your part.


For those that love to cook and spend lots of time in the kitchen, hard tile is less comfortable to stand on. It can be cold to walk across, carries more sound, and it is unforgiving of dropped ceramics dishes. Also, some of the most beautiful tile floorings you might have fallen in love with on Pinterest are high end and can be very expensive.



deVOL for Kempshott Road Home

Heather Bullard

Veneer Designs

Paper House Project

Scott and Scott Architects


Sealed concrete floors are low maintenance, easy to clean and very durable. They can be very cost effective and can be a good way to get a cool look on a small budget. Concrete looks good in many different style spaces from farmhouse to modern.


Concrete is hard on the feet and like tile, unforgiving of dropped breakables. Although you can add radiant heat under newly poured concrete to cozy it up, this is an added expense. Over time, with the natural  settling of your home, concrete can develop cracks.


Blakes London

modern coastal kitchen becki owens estillo

Becki Owens Estillo Project

heber house kitchen project Becki Owens

Becki Owens and Jamie Bellessa Heber House Project Kitchen

las palmas kitchen becki owens

Becki Owens Las Palmas Project

black, white and brass kitchen makeover

Becki Owens Ledgewood Project


Wood flooring is classic and beautiful. Depending on your tastes, there are many different species and colors of wood for you to choose from. It looks beautiful in straight planks, or in a parquet pattern like herringbone or chevron. In an open-concept design, having hardwood flooring run throughout the space creates a seamless transition throughout the rooms and can make the kitchen area feel larger. Hardwood is the softest of the three flooring options, and so is much more comfortable to stand and cook on. It is also the warmest option. As long as you care for your wood floors, they can last the lifetime of your home.


Wood flooring can be expensive, although an engineered wood can be used if you are on a budget. Wood floors are higher maintenance and will need periodic refinishing. Any flooding or water spills that are not dealt with promptly will warp and ruin the wood.


So many beautiful options! Which do you like best?

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pros and cons of different kitchen flooring

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