Perfect Pairs: White Brick + Wood Shake

I’ve shared my love of painted brick in Pros and Cons: Painted Brick and Get the Whitewash Look. Today, I want to show you a few white painted exteriors paired with a wood shake or shingle roof.  It’s a killer combination that looks both fresh and full of character. While a wood roof does create additional expense and upkeep, when cared for it can last as long as an asphalt roof while looking incredibly beautiful. Wood roofs are made from cedar, pine, or spruce and can be machine-cut into shingles for a cleaner look or hand-split shake for more texture. Take a look to see how this pairing adds a warm rustic vibe to the clean crisp look of white brick.

Patterson Custom Homes

Coats Homes

Establish Design

Christopher Architecture and Interiors

Peter Block Architects

Blackband Design

Curtis and Windham

James Collins Architect

McCown Design

Coats Homes

It’s a look to love, right? For more perfect pairings, read Perfect Pairs: Lucite and Brass or Color Cominations: Natural Wood + Cool Grays. I’m always sharing exterior and interior trends that catch my eye, so check back soon for more inspiration!




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