Perfect Pairs: Cabinet Hardware + Paint

You may remember my post from June about Non-White Kitchens. In it you can find specific paint colors for black, blue and gray kitchens. As a follow up, today, I’m sharing some of my favorite cabinet hardware selections for kitchens and bathrooms categorized by paint color. Hardware is an important element that polishes off these spaces. It’s the opportunity to make the cabinetry pop and tie in other metal accents, completing the overall design. Below are some inspiring examples of kitchens and bathrooms that are perfect parings of painted cabinetry and beautiful hardware. Have fun browsing. Happy Monday!


painted cabinetry and hardware


More Fabulous Hardware

Paint Resources

When you are searching for the perfect paint colors for your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry it can be an overwhelming process. Below are two resource guides for choosing paint; one for non-white kitchens and my go-to whites for painting cabinetry. You can view more my more detailed paint guides here and here.

white cabinet paint colors becki owens
Non-White Kitchens Becki Owens

One thought on “Perfect Pairs: Cabinet Hardware + Paint

  1. Kairi Gainsborough says:

    Thanks for the great guide on what type of hardware pairs well with certain colors. I’m planning on renovating my kitchen soon, and I want to update the look of my cupboards. Dark gray paint and polished chrome knobs look so good together! I think I’ll go with this for my kitchen.

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