New Adventures and Ventures

You may have noticed some changes to Owens and Davis recently.  After a wonderful opportunity to work together collectively, we have decided to move forward with our own independent ventures. We have realized that the varying demands of our families make it best for us to work individually, at our own pace.  Although we are sad to say goodbye to this chapter, we are both excited about our new creative ventures ahead. We are so grateful for your loyal following and support of Owens + Davis and look forward to sharing more of our design and inspirations with you individually.

A Note from Nicole:

I have felt so fortunate with the growth and development of our interior design business Owens + Davis.  It has been an incredible and wild ride learning as we’ve worked our hearts out.  Becki and I have found ourselves at different life stages and career goals.  While we have been able to gain so much from our years working together, it feels it is the right time to transition into our independent ventures. I want to be able to go at a bit of a slower pace and soak up these years that go all too quickly with my young children, while Becki is at the perfect stage to continue full speed ahead. We acknowledge and respect that we need to pace work in harmony with our individual family circumstances. We will continue to have a working relationship, but are both excited for our own creative ventures.  We have gained knowledge, experience, and confidence from one another over the last two and a half years.  I feel very grateful to have formed that working relationship with Becki and look forward to our future collaborations.  I am so grateful for all of the love, support, and growth from viewers over the years and look forward to the future! My site will be up soon to continue documenting my journey in design. For now, I hope you follow along on my Instagram and pinterest


A Note from Becki:

Working with Nicole and creating Owens + Davis has been an incredible experience, and I am so grateful for this time that we have had to learn and grow together.  The projects we have worked on have been not only great collaborations but a lot of fun. Fortunately I will get to work more with Nicole in the future and I am looking forward to it.  Right now I am excited to be able to take on the pace of a growing business and new opportunities that are in the works. Thank you for all of your support and following us, it has meant so much!  I can’t wait to share more projects, inspirations and just some fun stuff as I work towards realizing my vision and goals for the coming year.

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