Q+A: Kid Friendly Design

A question that I get from many clients is, “How do I get the fresh, clean high-end look I love but still have a kid-friendly home?” If you have a family, white couches and expenisve rugs might make you cringe and the idea of a stain-free, clutter-free space might make you laugh. Kids are hard on homes. But although you should factor them in to your design plans, kids don’t mean you have to sacrifice the look you love. Today I am sharing tips on creating a home the whole family can live in and love.

Use Washable, Stain Resistant Upholstery

Becki Owens Las Palmas Family Room

A lot of the most popular pins on Pinterest use white furniture. It’s a look many of my clients love, but of course one hard to maintain with kids. If your heart is set on white, it is doable. Choose a slipcovered sofa in washable fabric. I love to use indoor/outdoor Perennials fabric that can easily be wiped down. Another option is to use a light colored natural linen fabric instead. It captures the fresh beachy feel of white, without the stress.


Drape Pretty Throw Blankets over Your Furniture

Becki Owens and Jamie Bellessa Heber Project

Protect your expensive upholstered furniture with easy to wash throw blankets. If you are doing white furniture, a white Moroccan Pom Pom throw keeps the look, but is much easier to remove and wash than a whole slipcover.

Choose a Mix of Materials–Some for the Adults, Some for the Kids

amber fillerup clark NYC living room

Becki Owens Amber Fillerup Clarks’s NYC Dining Room

In this dining room, a comfortable upholstered banquette is perfect for the adults, while wipeable plastic chairs are practically indestructible.


Find Durable Dark Wool Rugs or Washable Flat Weaves

Becki Owens Teen Space

Wool rugs are more expensive than synthetics, but they wear better and are easier to clean as they repeal liquids and dirt. Choose a dark color like this beautiful Surya Zahara Rug in my Teen Space for an extra kid-friendly option. Want some thing less expensive or lighter feeling? Pick a flat weave rug in washable cotton or indoor/outdoor material. This Dash and Albert stripe rug can be washed in your machine at home and is a client favorite. See more beautiful Dash and Albert Rugs here.


Pick a Marble Alternative

Becki Owens Villa Bonita Kitchen

Marble counters in a kitchen are so pretty, but its a fragile surface that chips and stains. Quartz gets the look and stays looking good no matter the spills. Read this post on white marble alternatives for sources and ideas.


Use Baskets throughout the House for Easy Clean Up

Becki Owens Teen Space

Baskets throughout the house make clean up easy, and clutter simple to conceal. Baskets in this teen hangout easily conceal electronics, games, and homework supplies. A basket by the front door creates a space for shoes, one in the bedroom for dirty clothes, etc…


Create Dedicated Spaces for the Kids

Give kids a place to hangout and play that is more fun and comfortable for them than your living room. Use plush carpet or rugs to make it comfortable, bold color to make it fun, pillows and poufs for relaxing, fun wall art, small tables and tents, and baskets or cupboards of toys. If you don’t have the space for a separate play room, a nook in the family room or their bedroom works great!

Becki Owens San Clemente Beach House

Hope these ideas help you create a look you love, but that your family can live with also. I’ll be sharing ideas on creating spaces just for the kids soon, so be sure to check back.

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