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We have a fun project to share today that we have been working on! Andersen Windows and Doors reached out to us for help designing their booth for the upcoming International Builders Show in Las Vegas, February 19-21. The show is the building industry’s largest event, where companies are able to show off their newest designs and technologies. This year, Andersen is showcasing two sliding glass doors from their Architectural Collection that beautifully blend the indoors with outdoors. The doors seamlessly flood your space with natural light, maximize your views, and expand your living spaces, while offering an on trend aesthetic with their black trim and contemporary clean lines. Take a peek at our plans for the Andersen booth and see how we envision using these doors in our designs.

Weiland Corner Door with Pocket–Casual Indoor

To create the fresh airy look that we love in our designs, we often start with light wood floors, white walls, and as much natural light as we can get in a space. The Weiland Door is Andersen’s premier moving glass wall door that can be customized for corners, curves, and to massive proportions– 16′ tall and 60′ wide creating a wall of glass that floods a space with light and unobstructed views. This huge glass door brings the outdoors in.

We like our designs to feel crisp, and the clean profile of the Andersen doors mimic the clean modern lines of the design. In this casual space, we decided to complement nature with layers of organic textures and neutral colors. The pallet allows the vibrant colors out the window to pop. We grounded the airy space with a black flat-weave wool rug and a pair of dark wood coffee tables. We added warmth with a clean-lined brown leather sofa and wooden side table. Because we wanted this space to feel comfortable, we kept the styling simple with lots of room on the sofa for lounging and space on the tables for books and drinks. It’s a space meant to invite guests to get comfortable and enjoy the view.

Weiland Corner Door with Pocket–Casual Outdoor

This rendering shows the outside view of the Weiland Door with the corresponding outdoor living space. The Weiland, and other doors in Andersen’s Big Door Collection, can open wide to transform your indoor and outdoor into one large living space perfect for entertaining. We chose different patterns and textures to make the outdoor space feel unique, but stuck to organic neutrals that would seamlessly blend with the indoor living room. Patterned cement tile plays with the indoor stripe rug, while wood and woven chairs mimic the warmth of sofa. The door creates an easy flow, and we can see guests carrying on conversations between the two spaces or easily moving chairs in and out for comfortable chatting.


MultiGlide Sliding Glass Door–Kitchenette and Dining

Between the kitchenette and Luxe Outdoor Living Space we used a black aluminum MultiGlide door. The MultiGlide is also customizable with dozens of indoor and outdoor options to complement a contemporary or traditional design. We went with a black frame because it is a trend we love. The dark metal in our plan adds contrast to the light and airy space and creates a little modern edge. The black door also frames the outdoors and makes the view feel like a piece of art. We paired our door with a black on black counter and cabinetry combo that creates a lux look. Brass lighting, warm woods, and linen upholstery soften the dark lines and with warmth.

MultiGlide Sliding Glass Door–Luxe Outdoor

The large sliding glass MultiGlide door blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor. We furthered the illusion with a continuous concrete floor. Using the same flooring throughout different living spaces unties them and visually enlarges the area. Appetizers and drinks are prepped in the kitchenette and then easily brought steps away to be enjoyed around the fire pit. An upholstered sectional and matching chairs elevate the look of this outdoor space. Open up the large Andersen doors and this space feels like a living room.

These Andersen doors are beautiful and are the perfect complement to my designs for the modern, entertaining lifestyle. If you are close to Las Vegas, visit the show to see Andersen’s windows and doors and our designs in person! If not, check back next month for the reveal of these spaces. For more info on the Big Doors in Andersen’s Architectural Collection, visit their site here.

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