How to Style Your Kitchen for Spring

I love Spring! It’s such a fun and busy time of the year. There are lots of events surrounding, weddings, graduations and more. I find myself hosting a lot more this time of year, whether it’s a baby or bridal shower or just fun family gatherings. Last week I threw a shower for a friend and I found myself sprucing up my kitchen. I wanted to give it a little spring refresh to make it pretty for guests. I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat, so I decided to give some tips on how to style your kitchen for spring. With a few updates your kitchen will be a pretty, inviting and functional space to entertain.

how to style your kitchen for spring BeckI Owens

1. I really believe less is more. You’ll notice in this kitchen I styled one area by the range, creating a pretty focal point. Along the lines of “spring cleaning” I think it’s good to evaluate what is really adding to the space, vs what is creating clutter. This kitchen happens to be a newer design of mine so I got to start from scratch and pick up some of my favorite essentials to style it.


how to style your kitchen for spring BeckI Owens

2. I love to add warmth with a few practical accessories. I found everything I needed to style this kitchen at Kohl’s, including a beautiful set of wood cutting boards that I placed near the range for food prep. In the spring I find myself chopping and preparing a lot of fresh, fruits and vegetables. Having a great set of cutting boards is definitely a necessity and they display beautifully.

Then it’s always important to have nearby cooking utensils. I like to style with wood utensil sets to compliment the cutting boards. Both items are must haves in the kitchen and look good too.

how to style your kitchen for spring BeckI Owens

3. Add some crisp new dishware and serving bowls. I can guarantee you will be giving kids ice cream after school or ice-cold drinks this season. I like to have a little fun and display pretty dishes that will get used while hosting. For this kitchen I picked up these waffle like, white ice cream bowls. I think it makes the treat even better when they are served in a fun way. Then I got these new clear glasses and placed both on the opening shelving. They look beautiful next to each other and are easy to get to.

how to style your kitchen for spring BeckI Owens

4. Choose woven baskets to hold fresh fruit or hide clutter. Woven baskets have a fresh, natural look and work great for the citrus and apples you grab at that grocery store. Sometimes I use a basket as a place to put my mail and keys or other items I don’t want strewn all over the counter. You may notice I love the white and warm palette. These woven baskets fit perfectly into this mix.

5. Display fresh flowers. I love using a simple clear glass vase to display some flowers. It’s the perfect way to liven up a kitchen. Plus, it adds gorgeous color. This bougainvillea grows nearby my home and it’s easy to snip a few branches to place in a vase.  A simple step that has a beautiful impact.

how to style your kitchen for spring BeckI Owens

With these few steps you can update your kitchen and make it feel fresh and ready to entertain this spring. The resources for all of my favorite styling essentials from Kohl’s are below. Several of them are on sale right now and all of them are great quality and affordable prices. The best part was I found everything I needed to style this kitchen is in one place. Easy and affordable, I’ll take it! I hope you have a wonderful day!


how to style a kitchen for spring
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Spring Styling Essentials from Kohl’s

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  1. Kendall Ryder says:

    I have really wanted to purchase some nice, clean looking dishware. That way, I can display them, like you do, and help to make the kitchen look better. I like the look of white and glass dishware, and I think it can add such a clean, traditional, and modern look, all at the same time.

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