How to Create Instant Curb Appeal

Image Via (Photography Laurey W. Glenn) – Similar Planters Here

One of my favorite things to do this time of year is take a walk in the pretty coastal neighborhoods near my home. I love taking in their beautiful exteriors, you may have seen a few that I’ve captured on my Instagram. One of the common charateristics of these pretty homes is they tend to have planters filled with seasonal greenery framing their doorways or grouped near the entry way. These planters make beautiful statements, bringing the homes to life. Since it is the season to freshen up our spaces inside and out, I’ve gathered a 7 examples of lovely exteriors styled with different types of planters.

Image Via – Cecy J Interiors

Galvanized Planters – Here and Here

Cement Planters – Here, Here and Here

Image Via

Natural Fiber Planters –  Here and Here and Here

Image Via

Black Planters – Here, Here, and Here


Image Via

White Planters – Here, Here and Here


Hanging Planters – Here, Here and Here, Here 


Image Via

Blue and White Planters – Here, Here and Here

I hope you have enjoyed these exteriors styled with pretty planters. This is the season to take advantage of pretty florals and invest in some outdoor planters to frame your doorways. It’s the easiest way to get instant curb appeal! To see all my planter picks visit my planter store here. For more ideas on adding greenery to your home, you can view my indoor plant guide here and the post on my favorite florals here. Have a wonderful Monday!


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