Q+A: How to Choose and Hang Sconces

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for amazing sconces for some projects. I’ve come across some great inspiration I want to share with you. I really believe lighting is key in simple, elegant designs. Sconces, although smaller, are just as important as larger statement lights to complete the look of a space. They really add character and polish. Today, I’m going to address a couple of questions I get asked about hanging and selecting sconces and show you some great options for your home.

Q: Are there any rules for hanging bathroom sconces?

white marble bathroom owens and davis

A: Remember the Q+A about hanging art? Well, hanging bathroom sconces have a similar rule. It’s good to hang the base of your scones just above eye level. That is about 66 inches off the ground. You don’t have to center them with the mirror, but it is good to have them at least 30 inches apart. Hanging sconces at this height will give optimal light to your face for applying make up, shaving etc. The picture above in my San Clemente Beach House project is a great example.

sconce inpsiration becki owens

Tip: Have a little fun when selecting bathroom lights. They should work with the aesthetic of the room but can add character as well. You can choose a unique shape like white and glass globe lights or the vintage looking library sconces seen above (also in the kitchen pictures below).

Q: How can I get more light in my kitchen, without having a bunch of recessed cans?

A: I love these images of sconce lighting in a kitchen design. It’s a great way to add an unexpected element to the space. When planning your kitchen remodel, consider additional lighting above the kitchen sink or a kitchen window with sconces. Imagine the welcoming light a few sconces give, left on for late arrivals.

The Reading Light

girls bedroom modern mediterranean becki owens
Generally I look for bedside table lamps as evening reading lights, but when Nicole Davis and I did this young girls room we had a little fun. This floral wall sconce was the perfect way to add a feminine touch to the room with the practical use of a reading light. I also love the bunk inspiration pictures below. The individual sconces are placed perfectly for young readers.

sconce inspiration becki owens

I hope these inspirations ( see all sources here under bathrooms, kitchens and lighting) and tips have helped you with how to choose and hang sconces. I’ve shopped for some great options for you to choose from. I hope you find some that work great for your home. Have a great day!


Sconce Lighting Picks

sconce inspiration becki owens
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