Picking the Perfect Side Table

We love to add personality with a side table.  We choose a side table based on our needs for a room. Usually, we need a table sturdy enough to hold a lamp, so our selections are more substantial, but don’t be afraid to have fun with a side table. We style side tables with books, vintage pieces, lamps, potted plants, vases and picture frames. Be creative and always edit, sometimes too much is just too much. Keep it simple and clean, but unique to you and your home.

One of our favorites are nesting tables. They always add a lot of dimension and weight to a room. If your space needs something lighter and simple, choose pieces like the marble and gold table, tripod table or round white table below. If storage is needed we love the first, gold and glass table  for open styling or the wood table for closed storage. I always love a table that is simple and chic like an X-base side table.

Make sure you have fun choosing your side table.  Have it add character and personality to the space.  Mix it up with something unique and personal.  Below are some great options we’ve have selected with a lot of variety.  We hope you enjoy browsing.

Side Tables becki owens

| 1. Gold and Glass Table | 2. Metal Ring Table | 3 .Iron Tripod Table | 4. Wood Table | 5. Round White Table | 6. Nesting Tables | 7. X-Base Table | 8. Marble and Gold Table |

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