Halloween Curb Appeal: 5 Easy Pumpkin Projects

Garden Studio Design

This is the perfect weekend to add some Halloween pumpkins to your front porch! We’ve looked around and found five fun pumpkin projects that are quick and easy but will add major Halloween charm to your porch. So grab your kids, a pumpkin, and your favorite idea below to add a festive vibe to your home tonight!



Create a modern look with these drip painted pumpkins. Stick to black and white for a dramatic look, or add color for a fun pop.



Southern Living

Plant your pumkins with mums, succulents, or your other favorite blooms! It’s so easy but adds such a pretty look to your porch.



Design Love Fest

Have you seen these pumpkin luminaries around? So pretty and your drill makes it essentially effortless. See the tutorial here.


Better Homes and Garden

A perfect project for the kids! All you need is your pumpkin, googly eyes, cheese cloth cut in strips, and a hot glue gun.



Mint Arrow

For no mess and little work, pile and stack your pumpkins into an artful display. Pile while playing with shape, color, and size or stack in threes to make a pumpkin topiary.

Have fun!



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