Guest Prep: 5 Easy Tips to Style Your Homes for the Holidays

The upcoming holiday season is best when spent with friends and family. I am so excited to have everyone over to help celebrate. With that in mind, I of course am thinking of how to spruce my home to make it feel fresh and welcoming. I have a few favorite styling tricks that are easy and affordable but really make a difference. We’ve partnered with in styling out our new Spanish Modern project to show you how little tweaks throughout your home can create a warm welcome for your guests.

1. Style Your Kitchen with Warmth

My favorite finishing touch in a kitchen is styling the counter with a layered mix of cutting boards. It’s convenient to have them at hand but also makes for great eye candy! In this kitchen we wanted the modern look of medium wood tones, so used this beautiful board. We found it, plus a few more at They have a great selection, find a mix of shapes and wood tones you love to create a pretty layered look.

2. Add Greenery to a Plain Corner of the Guest Room

Guest bedrooms often feel like an afterthought, make yours feel intentionally styled with a pop of fresh or faux greens. They make all the difference by adding color, texture, and a fresh vibe. We used a beautiful fiddle leaf fig to fill the corner and a small succulent on the nightstand.


3. Give Your Bathroom a Mini Makeover

In your guest bathroom, swap out those old vanity lights and add fresh towels. New vanity lights won’t break the bank but will have a big impact on the look and feel of your space. This brass sconce helps defines the space with a modern industrial look and it’s so affordable.  A clean white towel gives guests a spa-like experience, while a fun stripe Turkish towel gives your bathroom personality.


4. Create an Inviting Festive Mood with Pretty Candles

Layer candles throughout your home for a soft welcoming glow and inviting scent. Add one on a coffee table, console, or side table. We made this pretty hammered brass candle part of our table scape layered on top of some favorite coffee table books and styling beads.


5. Layer Cozy Rugs for Warmth under Feet

Rugs can be expensive, but smaller sizes are affordable. Get a casual boho look by layering a few of your favorites. In this guest room animal hide rugs, sheepskin over cowhide, add organic warmth and a soft step for guests. Or if your space needs a pop of color, browse the vintage style rugs below or shop more here. has a huge selection of brands we love


A few additions throughout the home and we are guest ready! You can find everything you need on It’s a surprisingly great source for all the little styling extras that create a rich finished looking space. The shopping is effortless with everything organized by style and shipping is FREE for orders over $35!

Now is the perfect time to prep for the holidays. Take advantage of for an amazing selection of furnishings and accessories to style your spaces.

Have fun sprucing your home for the holidays!



Photography: Alyssa Ence Photography



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