Front Porch Planters for Fall

Monica Hibbs

With most summer blooms officially gone, your front porch planters might be looking sad. Spruce them up with plants that can withstand cooler weather while adding rich fall color. We’ve been searching our feeds for ideas and have some pretty looks to share. So take a look and get inspired to layer planters, pumpkins, and plants for a fall front porch look full of texture, color, and beauty.


A grouping of planters that frame your door or cascade down your porch steps is such a pretty way to elevate your front porch. Although you can keep the look simple with a grouping of similar planters, don’t be afraid to mix size, shape, and material. We love a blend of ceramic, stone, galvanized metal, cement, woven baskets, and terra-cotta. The mix feels earthy and rustic, a perfect look for fall.


Southern Living


Monica Hibbs


Rachel Parcell


Julia Berolzheimer


Better Homes and Gardens

Cabbage and Kale

Southern Living

Grasses and Grains

Southern Living

Happy Fall Planting! Can’t wait for our feeds to update with your fall porch looks. Share with us! #BeckiOwensFeature


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