Fresh Recipes for your Pantry Staples

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You’ve stocked your pantry, now what? We’ve been searching for new recipe ideas using our pantry staples. With no where to go in the afternoons, it’s a great time to experiment. We’ve found seven recipes where a few fresh ingredients mix with common pantry staples to create something delicious to eat tonight.



Lentil Puree with Cumin, Cilantro, and Lime via Bon Appetit

Full of fiber, lentils are a power food. We love the look of them here. Perfect as a dip or as a vibrant pop of taste and color to serve on top of fish or meat. We are serving ours in these stoneware dip bowls.


Pantry Pasta via News from the Trail

Lemon and basil add a fresh twist to whatever box of pasta you have stocked. Only takes a few ingredients and can affordably feed a crowd. We’re dishing out our pasta using these pretty wood pasta/salad hands.


Instant Pot Red Bean and Quinoa Soup with Taco Fixins Deb Perelman via Bon Appetit

Comforting and filling, this red bean and quinoa soup is dressed up with whatever taco fixings you have on hand. Plus, it cooks quickly in your instant pot. No instant pot? Pick this one up on sale now.


Fried Rice via Sam Sifton New York Times Cooking

Fried Rice makes for the perfect meal when you need to use up the vegetables in your fridge. Any combination is good. Also yummy even if all you have is frozen carrots and peas. Cook noodles and rice a lot? It might be just the excuse you need to invest in these artisan ceramic noodle bowls.


Avocado Tuna Salad via Gimme Delicious

Make canned tuna feel fresh with a combination of avocado mixed with crisp cucumber, celery, and red onion. This recipe is healthy and delicious. It’s perfect for those of you eating Keto or low-carb. Chop everything up on our fave wood cutting board.

Peanut Butter

No Bake Peanut Butter Bars via Baking a Moment

Allie, of Baking a Moment, promises these four-ingredient bars take only ten minutes and taste just like a Reese’s only better since they are homemade. We’re sold. Keep them fresh on your kitchen counter in this pretty glass domed cake stand.


Olive Oil Cake Claire Saffitz via Epicurious

Olive oil is supposed to make super moist cakes. I could just do this for dinner.

Looks delicious, right? Hope these meal ideas add good smells and warm vibes to your home this month.

Happy Cooking!


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