Dream Home: Refined and Rustic on Puget Sound

Welcome! Today we have an incredible dream home to share. Located on the banks of the Puget Sound on Bainbridge Island, the home is a beautiful layering of neutral textures that feel rich but effortless. The home perfectly balances earthy organic textures of the Northwest, with a refined modern aesthetic. Take a look and drool over this Refined Rustic Dream Home.

Architecture: Dana Webber
Design: Mindy Gayer Design
Photography: Aaron Leitz




The house was designed with a dark exterior that blends into the beautiful surrounding nature. It uses a really pretty combination of metal, wood, and stone. Black frame windows look perfect here, blending in with the dark sections and popping against the white. For more on black frame windows, read this post.



We love the understated design of this entry. We have always believed that a few well chosen pieces you love can make a more significant impact then a bunch of styling props without meaning.  That long rustic bench looks great with the horizontal shiplap.


Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens

The soft blue cabinetry is such a beautiful shade that works well with the gray marble and oak floor. Its a pallet perfect for the moody grays of the Pacific Ocean out the window. One of our favorite features of this home are the bifold windows that create an indoor/outdoor space perfect for family and entertaining.



The dining room and adjoining living space are a mix of brown tones created from leather, wood, jute, and linens. It’s a good example of how neutrals can still feel very interesting.


Living Spaces

These living spaces highlight how cool the views outside are. The design team really created that indoor/outdoor lifestyle with floor to ceiling windows and moving walls of glass that create a seamless transition between indoor and out.



The wood statement wall in the master bedroom feels rustic but the chevron shape is very modern. Again, both spaces layer neutrals for a relaxing tone on tone vibe that allows the greens out the window to pop.






It’s such a pretty modern home, huh? Makes us ready for a trip north to the moody natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. For more dream home inspiration, browse through the series here.

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