Dream Home: 3 Kitchens that Elevate Storage and Design

The beautiful kitchens of Humphrey Munson are Modern Farmhouse at it’s best. We have looked to this English design firm before for inspiration and are always wowed. Their kitchens show that minimalist can still feel rich, timeless, and be very functional. With the start of the new year, we especially have organization on our minds. Today we are sharing three beautiful kitchens with custom cabinetry concealing really thoughtful storage and design. Take a look and be inspired!

Hiding Counter Clutter

Small appliances like toasters can clutter up a counter, but lifting them in and out of cabinets each day can be impractical. This kitchen offers a great solution. Custom cabinets extend to the counter, opening to reveal toasters and coffee makers.

More accessories and crocks that might often be found in the counter are also tucked away in a butlers pantry. If you are designing a kitchen, butlers pantries can be a really cool storage solution that allow your most used ingredients and tools to be at hand without being seen.

Rethinking Open Concept

This fresh white and gray Georgian Farmhouse has us rethinking “open concept.” The kitchen is divided making the large space feel cozy and inviting. The design somewhat conceals the working spaces of the kitchen behind the stove and the butlers pantry doors. This layout allows guests to gather around the island without seeing dirty dishes piled in the sink, or cooking ingredients tossed about. It’s an interesting way to get a very minimalist feel in the kitchen without sacrificing plenty of counter and storage space.


Maximizing Available Cabinet Space

This North Cornwall Beach House maximizes cabinet storage space. We love the wall of cabinetry for those that like the look of open shelving but do not want to sacrifice storage. Bi-folding doors can close to conceal disorganization or open to display beautiful serving dishes.

Additional storage is also built-in to all sides of the island. Lots of kitchens, sacrifice storage to accommodate island seating. In this kitchen, a beautiful built-in bistro table at the end provides seating without interfering with the island’s storage.

Check back soon for more kitchen and organization inspiration, and browse our dream home series here.



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