Designing with Aerial Beach Photography

 Stunning photography can have a huge visual impact in the overall design of a space. When incorporating photography to a room design I look for shots that add interest through color or movement. I especially love photos that capture scenes I love. Because I live by and love the coast, I am taken by the aerial beach shots of Belgian photographer Antoine Rose. His series “Up in the Air” captures the colors and movement of the ocean as well as the liveliness of the East coast beaches.

Antoine Rose Aerial Beach Photography
Via Antoine Rose “Up in the Air Miami Beach”

Although the works of Antoine Rose are only available through art auction houses, a few other photographers like West coast artist Gray Malin, capture aerial beach photography at more affordable prices. I love the idea of one of these beautiful shots above a bed, as a part of a gallery wall or even in the entry of a home.

Designing with Aerial Beach Photography
Sources Left to Right: Emily Ruddo, Amber Lancaster, Jana Bek Designs, Amber Interiors


All of the designs above are great examples of the fresh, beautiful effect aerial beach photography has in a space. Here are few of my favorite picks to get the look in your home.

Aerial Beach Art
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Aerial Beach Photography


  1. Waikiki No. 6
  2. Faded Afternoon
  3. Kite Beach Dubai Triptych
  4. Ondaretta Beach, Spain
  5. Waikiki No. 4 M35
  6. Dubai Paddle Boarders
  7. Asia Beach Triptych


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