Design Trend 2018: Two Toned Kitchens

This year interiors are trending toward warmth with lots of natural wood and richer hues. This shift toward warmer tones and bold colors is influencing kitchen design. But if you love a white kitchen, like I do, you might not be ready to commit to bold color. One way to embrace the trend, while still maintaining a bright airy vibe, is to design a two toned kitchen. The two toned look has been popular over the last few years with lots of kitchens embracing black or gray. I think these colors are classic and will continue to trend but I think we will be seeing more pairings of white with organic woods or bolder pops of color.

Contrasting Cabinets

Maillot Homes

Picking a contrasting cabinet color for one wall section adds interest and creates the look of a built in hutch. For added character, choose wood for this section and pair it with statement hardware.

Kelly Nutt Design


Chelsea Horsley Design


Park and Oak Design


Philippe Cote Design


Box Street Designs

Two toned cabinets can make a kitchen feel airy without sacrificing storage. Use white for the upper cabinets, shelving, and range hood that will recede into the wall, with dark or colorful lower cabinets to ground the space.

heber house kitchen project Becki Owens

Becki Owens and Jamie Bellessa


Mix up your cabinet colors throughout the space to create balance. Even subtle differences in color add dimension to the kitchen.

Tracery Interiors

Whitney Parkinson Design


Contrasting Drawers

Smith Hanes Studio


Christopher Peacock

A Statement Island

Keep your cabinets monochromatic, but create drama with a contrasting statement island. Go with black for a classic tuxedo kitchen, a fun pop of color, or use natural wood for a beautiful warm organic look.

Park and Oak Design


Emily Henderson


Cantley and Company


Loom and Kilm for home owner Ali Hynek


Rehabitat Interiors


Park and Oak Design


Two tone kitchens are a trend to love if you want to add warmth or drama without sacrificing the clean freshness of a white kitchen. Thanks for stopping by today and check back next week for more 2018 Design Trends!


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