Design Trend 2018: Flat Front Cabinetry

A traditional shaker cabinet with clean trim work has been the go-to for a while now. It is the look that I go for in most my kitchens. However, lately I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful flat front kitchens cabinets. Flat front, or slab, cabinets have no trim work or recessed panels, just a simple solid door. It is a look that has always been popular in modern design, but I am seeing them more and more used in transitional spaces. The clean cabinets, when paired with otherwise traditional finishes and styling in a kitchen, feel like a fresh update.

If you like the clean look, but are worried about your kitchen feeling too modern for your aesthetic, consider keeping trim to a minimum or using flat front in part of your kitchen, while sticking with shaker in the rest for a beautiful layered look.

Soft Gray

Blackband Design


Blackband Design



Coats Homes

Color Theory Boston



Jaclyn Peters Design



Coats Home



Sarah Sherman Samuel



Marie Flanigan Interiors

Kate Marker Interiors


Dana Lynch Design

Lacey Chaus Interiors via Domino

Rehabitat Interiors


I’m excited to share new design ideas with you this year! Check back soon for more of our 2018 Design Trend Series.

Happy New Year!



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