Our Current Kitchen Inspirations

When we design a kitchen there are certain key elements that make the space come together beautifully. During the design process we love to look for great inspirations. Today we want to share with you some of our favorite inspiration pictures, as well as a kitchen we just completed in Menlo Park. All of the kitchens have elements that are key in designing a beautiful space. We hope you enjoy these kitchen inspirations.

modern bohemian kitchen

// flush mount light // pendants //

In this Modern Bohemian kitchen we added layers to add interest to a simple white palette. We love to use beautifully made wood cutting boards and bowls to add warmth to a space.

gold kitchen hardware

We love a white kitchen, but you can have fun with color as long as the cabinetry is clean and classic. Hardware can have a big impact in a kitchen. The gold hardware in this picture adds a pop with a modern edge.

chevron tile backsplash

In both of these kitchens above the backsplashes add a lot of interest with unique patterns. The backsplash is a great opportunity to bring personality to the space.

rustic wood beams kitchen

A beautiful kitchen rug is a great accessory and a way to add color.

Lighting is one of our favorite elements in a kitchen and very important. It can define the style of the space. In this Modern Bohemian Kitchen the gold accents add to the eclectic feel of the home. We also love the wood and metal barstools.  Barstools are usually the only furniture in a kitchen. Have fun when selecting these.

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