Black + White Bathroom Beauties

Bold, beautiful, edgy black one of my favorite colors to work with. Lately, I’ve been drawn to inspiration with black details, and I feel like the month of October is the perfect time to spotlight the role of black in design. When paired with white, it becomes polished and refined. The combination is stunning in bathrooms, kitchens and living spaces. Today, I want to share with you specifically a black + white roundup of some of my favorite bathroom inspirations.

Black and White Bathrooms Becki owens
In this bathroom, designed by Lauren Leiss, black plays a subtle roll as the “accent”. The black hardware and detail on the sconces add to the polish of this classic space.

Black and White Bathrooms Becki owens
I love the modern sophistication of this space designed by Katie Martinez. These black and white patterned cement tiles give this classic bathroom a modern edge.

Becki Owens Bathroom black and white bathroom
When I designed this bathroom, I knew I wanted to transform the space from ordinary to modern and fresh. This custom black and white wallpaper gave it a crisp new look.

Black and White Bathrooms Becki owens
With the black honeycomb tiles on the floor and the matching black painted ceiling, the eye cleverly focuses on the bright white of the tile walls in this space. I think that is one reason I’m drawn to black elements in design. They make the whites more bright and other colors more vivid. I always love a pop of color.
Designed by Emilie Bedard and Maria Rosa.

Below I’ve put together a resources of more amazing black and white bathrooms to draw inspirations from. You can see them all here as well. Check back later this week for more of my black and white pairings and enjoy this beautiful fall day!


Black and White Bathrooms Becki Owens

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