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Light. It’s one of the first words that comes to mind when I think of spring. This time of year is one of my favorites because it is the season for brightening our spaces and feeling the freshness of spring in our homes. One way to do this is emphasizing as much natural light as possible with fresh and airy window coverings. Below are several spaces I’ve designed that show how to decorate with window coverings without compromising the natural light in a space.

modern bohemian kitchen nook

To filter strong light and provide some privacy, I often choose a roman shade. I like the clean, simple lines and how they easily reveal most of the window when raised. In this kitchen nook, I chose a natural fiber roman shade to let in as much light as possible while adding a bit of texture and neutral color. (More pictures of this kitchen here).

Updated Kitchen Nook - Becki Owens

This pretty pink roman shade was custom, but I think using a patterned shade can add a lot of personality and still be soft and airy. Look for linens and more sheer cotton shades to achieve this look. View before and after photos of this kitchen nook here.

My go to favorite to frame a large window area, such as sliding or french doors are crisp white drapes. In this space, paired with the shine from brass hardware, they create an ethereal, fresh look.  Read more about this crisp, white kitchen nook here.

roman-shades-becki owens
Bedroom spaces require more privacy, so I generally use lined window coverings. Black out shades work great for napping children and those rare mornings when you get to sleep in. In this bedroom, I chose a darker shade of blue to add some color and richness to the space, but kept the walls bright and fresh with a fun contemporary wallpaper.

Vintage Feminine bedroom becki-owens-blog
I went with off-white linen roman shades in this guest room. The soft draping of the folds adds a feminine touch, while the neutral color allows the focus to remain on the vintage details that define the space. Read more about this vintage and feminine guest room here.

gary coastal bedroom
In this coastal bedroom a natural shade was layered with white drapery to provide more privacy, while keeping the room feeling beachy and airy.

There are several choices when you are trying to pick the right window covering for a space. I’ve written another post specifically about choosing window coverings. You can read all about it here. Below, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite window coverings and hardware for you to choose from. I hope this makes your selection process easier. Have fun freshening up your home for spring and enjoy this beautiful time of year!


brass curtain rods
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Roman Shades


More Hardware

9 thoughts on “Best of Blog: Window Coverings Roundup

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Becki,
    When you do the white linen drapes in kitchens, do you use an indoor / outdoor fabric or do you pretreat the fabric? I’d like to do this in my kitchen but don’t want to always worry about stains! Thanks!

  2. heather says:

    When you do white drapery in the kitchen, do you use an indoor/outdoor fabric or do you pretreat the fabric? It looks beautiful and clean but I would worry about stains. Thanks!

  3. Alyse shepard says:

    Hey Becki,
    So glad you posted about window coverings! I have a question, so I did the large white drapes over the slider in my kitchen. (Inspired by you and I totally love by the way) But now in my family room I want to do Romans on the large windows. The slider and large windows are on the same wall but different rooms. Should I do a natural oatmeal color or stay with the same white fabric? I am leaning towards the same white fabric that is on my slider so they don’t compete but I am also worried it might seem sterile. Anyway if you have any insight on this I would appreciate it. Xo alyse shepard

  4. James Bergman says:

    I do like roman shades and would definitely use them in the bedroom. There is no doubt that they look better than blinds. My only problem with them in the kitchen is that they might get dirty. Especially over the sink window. Are there roman shades made special for the kitchen so that they are easy to clean?

  5. Jamie says:

    Visited the shade store here in Scottsdale per your recommendation on another post. It was great! The only problem was there were too many options for natural fiber Roman shades. With the az sun I definitely need to line it to keep the material from fading. Do you have a go to natural fiber shade that can endure direct sun light? LOVE all that you do!!

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