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We have been doing a little website refreshing this past week. Same look, but a little cleaner and easier to navigate. We love sharing insider tips and resources to help you get a designer look and want to make sure that you can easily find what you are looking for.

In the “Categories” section of the navigation bar at the top of our site, you’ll find all our guides and most helpful posts. One of the most popular, is our Paint Guides.  A fresh coat of paint can create a total transformation but choosing a color can be overwhelming. We keep up with color trends and try out lots of different brands and hues to find our favorites. See some of our most popular Paint Guides below, but check out the navigation bar to see them all.


Farmhouse Paint Guide

all american modern farmhouse

Clary Pfeiffer via Cottage Hill Magazine


I like the modern farmhouse style best when it pairs clean lines and industrial touches with rustic woods and soft colors to create a fresh, inviting space. In this Paint Guide we share the neutrals and soft muted colors to help you get the farmhouse look you love. Read the full post here.

modern farmhouse paint guide


The White Paint Guide

Becki Owens


For sure the number one question we get is, “What white paint should I use?!” White paint should be easy, but with so many options it can be overwhelming. In this guide we share our go-to white paints. Read the post here. 

white paint guide becki owens

Front Door Paint Guide

A perfect update for the New Year. Give your exterior a refresh with a painted front door.

front door paint guide

Black Paint Guide

Prairie Home Styling


Black is crisp, bold, and although it makes a statement, also works as a neutral. See more black bathrooms here and black painted ceilings here.

black paint guide becki owens

New Neutrals: Griege + Paint Guide

Becki Owens



Griege is a beautiful alternative neutral  that is warmer than gray, but more sophisticated feeling than beige. I am especially liking it on painted cabinetry. Although it is not a new color, it is a neutral that feels fresh when paired with cool marble, warm natural woods, and brass accents. See more griege inspiration here.

griege paint guide


Annual Paint Guides

We love new color trends and finding our favorites to recommend. Last year, design took a dramatic turn toward color and we put out a blue paint guide, green paint guide, and blush paint guide to help you find a color to embrace. This year we are still considering favorite new looks (we have our eye on sage green) but are still loving some favorites from 2017.

2017 Colors Paint Guide

Be sure to check out all our guides and design inspiration by navigating through our categories. If there is a design question that’s been on your mind or a trend you want to see more of make sure to leave a comment below!

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