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On Monday, we shared another look in our design series, Mix and Match Design: Modern Farmhouse. Today, we wanted to remind you why this is a look to love by resharing modern farmhouse highlights from the blog. We love the look best when clean lines are paired with rustic warmth, rich textiles, industrial hints, and comfortable furniture. Take a peek at some of our favorite ways to get the farmhouse look.

7 Elements of the Modern Farmhouse

Kelly Nutt Design

In this post, we share seven design elements to consider to help you get the farmhouse look your loving. From flooring to lighting, we shared some of our favorite farmhouse elements in some favorite spaces. Pick one or two or add them all to refresh your space with rustic warmth.

7 elements of a modern farmhouse

Colors of the Modern Farmhouse + Paint Guide

Kristina Crestin

Some of our favorite modern farmhouse colors include crisp white and blacks paired with soft pastels. Read this post to see some beautiful inspirations + some of our go to paint picks.

modern farmhouse paint guide

10 Ways to Use the Shiplap Look

The Inspired Room

Becki Owens Estillo Project

Shiplap is a favorite must of the modern farmhouse look. Whether your using actual shiplap or a less expensive option, we’ve got ten ways to use this pretty treatment throughout your home to add interest and character.


10 Amazing Inspirations for Concrete Flooring

Heather Bullard

Industrial details add to the rustic charm of the modern farmhouse. Concrete flooring is a cool option to consider. It is affordable, easy to clean and maintain, and with the right rustic woods and textiles, is anything but cold. Check out these 10 Amazing Inspirations for Concrete Flooring.


Get Inspired with these Modern Farmhouse Dream Homes

Dream Home: An Eclectic Modern Farmhouse

This home is a beautiful blend of rustic beams and flooring, crisp white walls, modern clean-lined furniture, and Old World tile, with one-of-a-kind accessories that make it truly an original. See more here.


Jennifer Bunson Design Studio via Coco Kelley


Jennifer Bunson Design Studio via Coco Kelley

Dream Home: An All American Modern Farmhouse

This dream home as a warm modern vibe that homeowner Clary Pfieffer describes as authentic, hardworking, warm, and intentional. Check out this beautiful home here.

all american modern farmhouse

Clary Pfeiffer via Cottage Hill Magazine

all american modern farmhouse

Clary Pfeiffer via Cottage Hill Magazine


Dream Home: A Modern Ranch Farmhouse

This dream home is a beautiful example of classic farmhouse updated with clean lines and modern simplicity. Check out each pretty room here.

modern ranch farmhouse

Eserts Studio and Wendy Word Design

modern ranch farmhouse

Eserts Studio and Wendy Word Design

The aesthetic of the modern farmhouse is soft, pretty, and liveable and a look we are sure to see more of. Check back soon for more fresh farmhouse inspiration and be sure to read Monday’s Mix and Match Design post to get the Modern Farmhouse Style as easy as 1, 2, 3!




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