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An affordable way to bring a room to life is with indoor plants. A pop of green with an interesting texture can make a lifeless corner or shelf feel complete. I like to think of them as nature’s art, and although they take a little more care than a new watercolor, they are certainly more affordable than an original art piece. Today I am sharing some recent spaces where an indoor plant has made the difference, how styling your plants in groups or with a unique planter can make a major statement, and ideas for using plants all throughout your home.

Some Favorite Plants in a my Recent Work

becki owens heber house project

Soft neutrals throughout the master bedroom in the Heber House Project create a calming retreat. A large structural green plant in a cement planter filled with moss fits with the minimalist aesthetic of the room, but the variegated green leaves add life and keep the space from feeling bland.

modern coastal kitchen becki owens estillo

A unique copper pot filled with succulents adds warmth to the classic modern kitchen of my Estillo Project.

The large leaves the fiddle leaf fig fills a corner that might otherwise feel neglected in the Estillo Project Dining Room.

heber house kitchen project Becki Owens

A grouping of plants in the sunny window of the Heber House Project looks beautiful. The traditional topiary in a cement planter is a perfect mix of styles in a modern farmhouse.

las palmas kitchen becki owens

A shallow round planter of succulents adds organic texture to the round dining table in my Las Palmas Project.


Style your Plants to Make a Statement

In my Indoor Plant Guide post, I shared how a strategic grouping or unique planter makes a statement. In the corner of my Alta South Project collaboration with Nicole Davis, a trio of raised planters looks sculptural, especially with a variety of textured succulents.

becki-owens-blog modern living room with planters

For more ideas on how the right planter or grouping of plants can make an artistic statement, read the full post here and check out the Indoor Plant Guide below.

indoor plant guide becki owens


Add Greenery Throughout the House

In this post, Styling Tip: Adding Greenery with Succulents, I shared ideas of how to refresh spaces throughout the house with a bit of green and a resource of favorite succulents to use.

spanish colonial master bedroom

Add a little green in the bedroom like this sweet planter on the nightstand in this modern Spanish bedroom.

For ideas on where else in your house you should add greenery, read the entire post.  For ideas on beautiful succulents to use, save the guide below.

Adding plants in your house is an affordable update that makes a big difference. Find a favorite plant and pot and refresh your space for spring.

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