Before and After: 80’s Interior, Exterior Remodel

This weekend I discovered an amazing interior and exterior remodel of an 1980’s home. When shopping for a home, sometimes it’s hard to image the possibilities for updating it. This is a great example of a total transformation that will leave you in awe. Designer Leigha Heydt did a beautiful job taking a home that seemed dark and dated and making it come alive with a whole new fresh perspective. Have a look…

80's Interior Exterior Remodel

80's Interior Exterior Remodel
The exterior has a completely new look with a charming front porch, beautiful new wood trim and a light gray paint color. I love how the white trim pops against the classic gray home color. This combination is so timeless and fresh. It leaves room for several options with interior decor.

80's Interior Exterior Remodel
A cool neutral palette was carried from the outside in. After Heydt determined some space plans for the kitchen, the homeowner’s mother-in-law, who’s a kitchen designer, along with Benjamin Dhong Interiors and design consultant Matthew MacCaul Turner created an interior design worth drooling over.

The elements in this kitchen are classic and substantial with pops of color. I love the light grey kitchen cabinetry and large Callcutta Oro Marble island. The single, large Victorian style pendant creates a stunning focal point for the space. I also love the warmth of the wood floors. They are similar to the wood flooring in my Talega South Project and work wonderful in high traffic areas.

80's Interior Exterior Remodel
The neutral palette of the kitchen leaves room for some fun with color. The steel yellow bar stools are a practical choice with some punch. I like how the pops of yellow color carry through the space to the fun print of the bench seat in the kitchen nook.  A great choice, the unexpected stool creates some extra seating while adding a little character.

80's Interior Exterior Remodel
Throughout the home there is a great mix of traditional and modern elements. I love the clean lines of the two concrete coffee tables in this living space, juxtaposed with the other more traditional furniture selections. This give a nice updated feel to the home. It doesn’t take a lot of new pieces to make a home feel current.
80's Interior Exterior Remodel
The decor of this young girls room is so charming. Bright floral wallpaper on a single wall defines the space for the twin beds. It also gives the room a feminine feel, while working well for girls young and old with its bold pink color. The woven pendant light is fresh and brings a modern element to the room.

80's Interior Exterior Remodel
Each room in this house has character and charm. Even this bathroom continues this theme with a pretty star pendant and unique grass wallpaper. It looks like the perfect space to relax and reflect.

I hope you have enjoyed some pictures of this 80’s interior, exterior remodel. If you would like to, you can view even more here. To get a similar look, see below. I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


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  1. Lizzie says:

    Hi! I have samples of your Talega South Project flooring in my home right now…..I’m wondering how they hold up after months of use with kids? Especially with staining from spilled food? Thank you!!!

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