Beautiful Bold Black Bathrooms + Paint Guide

Black is bold. Black is crisp. And black is beautiful. It’s one of my favorite colors to design with and a trend in design that is both old and new. Here are 8 examples of bathrooms where black is used as a primary color to create rich spaces with classic refinement and a modern edge.

classic black bathroom
Design By: Ashe + Leandro

The high gloss black paint in this space frames the bathroom with a polished, rich look. Gorgeous!!

black painted cabinetry bathroom

Design By: House of Jade Interiors

A great example of classic style with a modern edge. The painted black cabinetry in this bathroom makes the space.

Design By: Amber Lewis

A black, painted brick wall creates a fresh new look in this bohemian bathroom with global style.

Design by: Kim Stephen

I love the use of  a shiny black freestanding tub in this space. It’s a beautiful bathroom with the elegance of an old plantation, yet infused with modern elements. A bright and clean combination.

elegant black bathroom room mediterranean tile

Classic beauty. The black wood doors and brass knobs are a gorgeous pairing with the warmth of oak wood flooring, white walls and the design of the mediterranean tile.

black and white floral wallpaper bathroom
Design by: Vanessa Francis

This bathroom is so modern and crisp. I love the fresh geometric wallpaper.

black shiplap bathroom
Design by: Amber Lewis, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Consider black painted shiplap. It’s a modern take on a classic look, creating a unique space.

black bathroom cabinetry brass mirrors
Design on Right by: Byrd Design

Both of these spaces are great examples of bathrooms with floating vanities in black tones. I love the black all stone walls of the vanity on the left and the black drawers surrounding the sink on the right.

With all this amazing black bathroom inspiration, the only thing left is a guide for black paint. The colors below will work beautifully on walls, cabinetry, doors and trim to create bold and unique spaces. I hope you have enjoyed today’s color inspiration. For more of my favorite cabinetry paint colors visit here. Have a great day!


black paint guide becki owens

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