Bathroom Trends: Floating Vanities

Simplistic, clean, minimal, modern, gorgeous are all words that come to mind when I think of the growing trend of floating vanities. I’ve been gathering up beautiful bathroom inspiration for an upcoming project, and I’m drawn to the clean lines of this style. There are many ways to express this trend from rustic to modern, it’s a look that can be incorporated into variety of designs. Here are 9 amazing examples of floating vanities.

floating vanities


A winning color combination, natural tones and black honeycomb tile feel so fresh,modern and bohemian. The woven baskets offer a solution to the storage concerns sometimes associated with floating vanities. I love that you have to get a little creative and use pretty accessories to conceal bathroom essentials. What could seem as a draw back becomes a unique design with more interest and personality.

floating vanity
Alexander Design

This is a great example of a way to get the look while incorporating cabinet space. The clean lines without hardware offer the illusion of other floating vanities but still provide storage.

floating vanities

Oscar V

I love the choice of a simple, natural wood shelf for towel space. This space looks to polished, minimal perfection.

floating vanities
Via – Photo – Mette Wotkjær

One recurring theme in these bathrooms is the simple color palettes. The designs usually consists of 2 or three colors and very little clutter. I like how it gives the spaces a very clean look.

floating vanities
Heather Bullard

Floating vanities work beautifully in transitional styles with the use of rustic elements. I love the idea of updating a beach home or more traditional home with this more modern style, while still staying true to the overall design of the home.

floating vanities
David Guerra

Patterned tiles paired with the white floating vanity make for a beautiful statement in this gorgeous space.

floating vanities
ViaMelanie Turner Interiors

The herringbone pattern in this bath and elegant hardware give this space a glamorous feel.

floating vanities

floating vanities
ViaAppelquist Architects


There are several ways to incorporate floating vanities to update bathroom spaces. If you have been considering a floating vanity for your upcoming projects, you can view these inspirations and more here. Thanks for joining me today to learn more about this bathroom trend. Have a wonderful Monday!


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