Bathroom Trend: The Curbless Shower

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One bathroom trend that we are loving is the look of a curbless shower. Most bathrooms have a ledge of several inches that sets the shower area a part from the rest of the bathroom and ensures that water stays within the shower pan. With careful design and construction, you can get rid of the curb. It creates a seamless floor that leaves your bathroom feeling bigger, more modern, and very pretty. Take a look how we have used this beautiful clean look in some of our recent designs.

Recessed Sub Floor with a Glass Door

Becki Owens Spanish Modern Bathroom

In our Spanish Modern and Brio Projects, we were able to achieve the clean look of a curbless shower even in small-space bathrooms. The bathroom stays protected from spray through the shower door and construction of the sub floor. Here is a great resource for correctly creating the look.

Becki Owens Spanish Modern Bathroom


Becki Owens Brio Project


Strategic Fixture Placement

Becki Owens SC Cove Project

Where you aim your shower head and how much it is able to be adjusted can be a big factor in keeping your shower area water tight. Here, an overhead shower directs water toward the drain.

Doorless Walk-in Bathroom

Becki Owens Brio Project

Our Brio Project master bathroom has plenty of space, allowing for a doorless, walk-in shower. The floor has a traditional slope toward the drain, and the showers footprint is large enough to accommodate the spray.

More Inspiration

The curbless shower is a look that other designers and homeowners are loving too. Check out these inspiring bathroom spaces. So good.

Michelle Dirkse


Buster and Cogdell Builders


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Spazio LA


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E. Interiors Design


We think this is a bathroom update that elevates the design with a crisp modern feel. Is it a trend you can get behind?


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