Artist Spotlight: Jane Denton

Recently I discovered the work of an amazing textile artist, Jane Denton. Her artwork is fresh and beautiful and works perfectly in my interior designs. Jane uses a unique process of stitching wool or cotton thread into canvas. She creates pieces that range from subtle neutrals to bold geometric designs.

jane denton art

I loved using her “Black Triangles” and “Arrows” artwork in this living room space. The designs and colors complete the look of the room.


Jane says, “I really love creating something beautiful and bringing a little bit of happiness to people’s homes.” You really get a sense of this with her fabulous use of color, displayed here in this gallery wall. // This detail shot shows the beautiful texture of the materials she uses.

This is the home of stylist Emily Henderson. Jane’s “I Love Colour” can be seen arranged in her gallery wall. I love how it pops color in this space.
jane denton art becki owens interiors

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the work of Jane Denton as much as I have. To see more of her artwork you can visit her site here. Have a wonderful day.


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