7 Ways to Style a Coffee Table

Restyling your coffee table is a quick way to refresh your living room. A bare table can feel too impersonal while too many knick-knacks, tv remotes, and random piles can feel cluttered. Today I’m sharing ideas for overhauling the space with a curated collection of things you love.

Collected Collection of Books

Las Palmas Project

Lisa Stanton

A collection of books that you love adds personality and color. Barnes and Noble and Amazon have great art books as does Anthropologie. It’s fun to spend an afternoon browsing to find one or two that fits you. Another fun idea is to create Chatbooks from your Instagram photos to display.



A Beautiful Tray for Serving and Organizing

Estillo Project

One Kings Lane

A tray can protect your coffee table from drinks and food or can make an assortment of necessities like tv remotes feel organized and intentional. You could use a flat basket, a marble slab, or a shallow wooden bowl to serve as a tray.


A Candle to add Soft Glow and Scent

Las Palmas Project

Add a candle to your table in an interesting container. Above, I found a black glass candle that fit in with the rooms black accent. Another look I love, is an oversized candle in a pot or bowl. The size makes a pretty statement.


Add Organic Texture with Strands of Beads

House Seven Design

las palmas family room

Las Palmas Project

Beads add a unique texture. Pile several strands in a bowl, or drape one or two across the table. Try a pretty combination of wood, glass, and bone. Etsy is a great source for beautiful beads at an affordable price.


A Hand-Carved Wooden Bowl

Gorjana Project

Alta South Project collaboration with Nicole Davis

A wooden bowl adds a rich organic vibe. Look for one in an interesting shape or with a bold grain.


 Something Sculptural or with a bit of Shine

Heber House Project collaboration with Jamie Bellessa

Consider adding a decorative element in an interesting sculptural shape or with a bit of shine. We styled our Heber House library table with brass orbs and stone boxes to add interest. You could also find a piece of pottery, an beautiful vase, or something organic like coral or a grapewood branch.


Add Life with Greenery in a Pretty Pot


Menlo Park Project collaboration with Nicole Davis

Kelly Nutt Design,  photo: Ryan Garvin

Greenery brings a colorful freshness to the space. I love vases of fresh flowers, but a low-maintenance potted plant is effortless. Succulents take little thought but add a beautiful combination of colors and texture. Check out by Succulent Plant Guide for ideas.

Styling your coffee table can be easy and affordable but have big impact. Start keeping an eye out for items you love to make your living room feel inviting and collected.  Thanks for stopping by today!


7 ways to style a coffee table

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