6 Tips For Organizing and Refreshing your Home This Spring

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It’s time for Spring Cleaning! With warm sunny weather settling in, it’s a great time of year to create a fresher, cleaner, more airy home. Today we are sharing six spring cleaning tips we are using in our own spaces and you should try in yours.

Less is More

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It is possible to live in a Pinterest worthy kitchen or bedroom, but you have to embrace that less is more. Get rid of the clutter and items you don’t need including extra pots, utensils, clothes that might one day fit, etc. Take inventory of what you really need and donate items you never use. On your new cleaned off counters and empty corners, add fresh greens to a planter or vase to add vibrant color and soothing life.

Collected Canisters for Storage and Open Shelf Styling

Torina Project

Find canisters that you love to keep kitchen essentials organized. We love sourcing hand-crafted canisters that look beautiful and keep most used cooking ingredients at hand. In our Torina Project, we used these vintage Japanese ceramics to store salt, sugar, and flour. In the pantry, we love these practical Ikea bins for organizing snacks and dry storage. After a Costco run, we take all snacks out of their boxes and organize into the bins. It keeps your shelves looking uniform and beautiful, but also very functional.

Out with Old, In with New Laundry Hampers and Storage

Family Ties Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Pretty storage solutions can hide laundry essentials for a more soothing space. Tuck dryer sheets and detergent pods into smaller baskets on an open shelf, or throw them all into one basket good looking enough to leave on the counter. Throw out old cracked plastic laundry bins and replace with a pretty hamper (like this wire one designed by us!). Consider leaving baskets throughout the house, like one in a kitchen corner for dirty dish towels or another by the back door for muddy layers. This way dirty items are easy to discard and collect no matter where you are in the house.

Maximize Natural Light

moder coastal home becki owens

Modern Coastal Project

Swap out dark, heavy drapery for an airy linen that frames the window without blocking light. Or if you aren’t in need of privacy and like a more modern look, consider leaving the window bare.

Protect and Add Color with a New Rug

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After a thorough cleaning, a new rug in a unique pattern or color can breathe new life into your space. Try a runner in the kitchen, or a Turkish tiny in your bathroom and laundry rooms.

Beautify your Bed

Beach Front Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

It’s easy to lose steam after cleaning, organizing, and refreshing your public spaces and so it’s common that a master bedroom is last on the list for a makeover. But a thorough clean out, followed by a bedding refresh can get you closer to creating a bedroom oasis. Investing in a new mattress this year might be the place to start. Although it’s a hidden layer, its crucial. This one from Amazon is popular and affordable. Happy Spring Cleaning! Xxo Becki

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