6 Options for Free-standing Tubs

Right now I’m working on a few projects that have bathrooms with beautiful free-standing tubs. These tubs often make the space are the focal point of the room. There are several different styles of free-standing tubs from modern to vintage but all seem to have a timeless look that polish off the design. Here are 6 options for free-standing tubs and a roundup of some of my favorites to design with.

white marble bathroom with freestanding tub
Design by: Mark Williams Photo by: Erica George Dines

This bathroom has all the elements of a timeless classic design. I love how the white free-standing tub is framed below a window in walls of marble.

sc cove project bathroom
SC Cove Project

A great example of clean, modern and minimal with a bit of edge. This tub is a great option for more modern spaces.

classic freestanding tub
Design by: Sarah Chiovarou –  Via

A beautifully designed bathroom to preserve the historical feel of this colonial home while updating it with crisp modern elements. This free-standing tub fits well into the mix with curved lines to soften its modern look.

black claw foot tub
Design by: – Rosa Beltran –  Via Photo by Amy Bartlam

A fun fact about this tub is that it was a vintage tub that she painted matte black to achieve the look. It gives the space a rich, polished look with a touch of old glamour. You can purchase a similar tub here.

white claw foot tub

Design by: Mandy Reeves Via Photo by: Lincoln Barbour

A gorgeous mix of old and new with a white, vintage style claw foot tub and modern lantern pendant. This bathroom has a truly charming and timeless feel.

las palmas-bathroom-white-freestanding-tub
 Las Palmas Project

This versatile tub works well in bohemian, modern and transitional style bathroom. It was perfect for this space. I’m excited to share more images of this Las Palmas project with you Wednesday.

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6 Options for Free-standing Tubs


freestanding tub ideas
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