6 Laundry Rooms you will Want to Spend Time in

Becki Owens Double Eagle Project / Mykals Architectural Photography

Laundry can be a seemingly endless task. Revamping your laundry room to create a space you love can energize you and help you get through the work. When designing a laundry room we think about function and beauty. From tile and paint to statement lighting and rugs, these are six ways we add style to our laundry rooms.

Play with Color

Becki Owens Double Eagle Project / Mykals Architectural Photography

We are lovers of neutral spaces and our kitchens tend to stay white, black, and wood. But in the laundry room, we like to play with color. It keeps the space from feeling too serious and is usually closed off from the rest of the home and so doesn’t necessarily need to blend. In our Double Eagle Project laundry room, we used Benjamin Moore Santorini Blue. See this post for more colored cabinetry ideas.

Try a Trending Tile

Becki Owens Family Ties Custom Build / Rebekah Westover Photography

Tile is a functional choice for a laundry room, ready to protect against water spills, but your tile choice does not need to be boring. Have you been seeing a tile trend you love? Try it out! In the beautiful laundry room of our Family Ties Custom Build we used Cle Tile’s Moroccan Zellige. We used 4″x4″ Zellige in Weathered White on the walls and paired the square tile with Natural Zellige 4″ Octogon/Bouchon on the floor.

Add Art that Inspires

Becki Owens Beach Front Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

The laundry room of our Beach Front Project is a small space that we worked hard to maximize function. Because this is a rental home designed to host a crowd, we filled the space with a double set of washer dryers. To keep the space feeling open and airy we kept our tile and paint bright white. An oversize Minted print adds a needed spot of color that keeps the space from feeling bland. Find a print or original piece of art that soothes and makes you happy.

Make a Lighting Statement

Becki Owens Villa Bonita Project / Alyssa Ence Photography

Unique lighting can define a space. We love the way the light in our Villa Bonita Project laundry room feels industrial and right for a work space, but energizes the space with an interesting shape and pretty metal. Think about how a pendant or sconces might help add style and of course bright, useable light.

Soften your Step with a Rug

Becki Owens Summit Creek Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Folding laundry straight from the dryer keeps you from procrastinating the task. But tile floors scan be cold and unforgiving on your feet. Soften the space with a rug that adds color and pattern. Here we used a vintage turkish rug, but a small rug in your favorite pattern from Serena and Lily, Anthropologie, or Pottery Barn can be very affordable.

Take Time to Style

Becki Owens Brio Project / Alyssa Ence Photography

Don’t forget to finish your laundry space with styling details. The little bit of effort makes the space feel intentional. Add a vibrant pop of green with a real (or faux) plant, a Turkish hand towel draped on the sink, and baskets or canisters to contain laundry essentials.

We’d love to see your styled laundry space. Share with us! #BeckiOwensFeature

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