6 Choices for Marble Countertop Edge Details

Earlier this week we talked about alternatives to marble. Whether your working with marble alternatives or marble itself, the edge detail is a key element that blends the overall style of the space. Picking the perfect edge can be overwhelming, there are lots of options. Today, I’m making the process a little easier by giving 6 examples of edge details in beautiful marble kitchens. If you are still stumped on which counter tops to use you can visit my marble countertop post here or alternatives here. However, if you are ready for the next step, see below for a resource guide to help with picking edge details that look current and give your home a gorgeous updated look. Have a wonderful Thursday!


Mitered (My Go to Favorite)

mitered edge kitchen becki owens

See before and after pictures of this Olympic Way Project kitchen here.


French Cove

french cove marble detail

See more of this San Clemente Beach House Project here. PC: Ashlee Raubach



Design By: Desiree Ashworth


Deep Ogee

deep ogee marble detail

Venegas and Company



dupont marble edge detail

Francois and Co


Cove Ogee


Studio William Hefner


marble edge details becki owens

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