5 Ways to Create an Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle with Andersen Windows and Doors

build: Carl M. Hansen / photo: Steve Henke / product: 400 Series Window

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced a project we’ve been working with Andersen in designing a booth for the upcoming International Builders Show in Las Vegas, February 19-21.  We’re excited for the show! It’s the building industry’s largest event, where companies are able to show off their newest designs and technologies  To see our plans for Andersen’s booth, check out this post and if you are local, visit the show!

In the meantime, we wanted to share some of the beautiful ways that designers are using Andersen windows and doors to create the ideal indoor outdoor lifestyle. We’re inspired by these images and want to share five different ways to blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces in your own home.

Maximize Natural Light

architect: Camens Architectural Group / build: Buffington Homes / photo: Steve Henke

Flooding a space with natural light brings the freshness of the outdoors into your home. Here, rows of Andersen’s A-Series Picture Windows create a refreshing airy vibe in a functional part of the home that is often just a dark tunnel of stairs.

architect: Tami Sherman / build: Divine Custom Homes / design: Bria Hammel Interiors / photo: Ryan Egstrom

In this mountain home the living space is fresh and airy thanks to all the natural light despite the rustic layering of wood tones and metals. The 400 Series windows keep it light and bright.


Frame an Expansive View

architect: DJA Architects / build: Scott Hohensee / photo: Fred Norquist

Let the views of nature outside your home become an interior piece of art with a frame from an Andersen window. The designer needed almost no additional decor in this beautiful space. The architect chose Andersen 100 Series Picture Window to frame this view of the Hood River in White Salmon, Washington.

build: Raykon Construction / photo: Jared Medley

We especially love the way a black frame window captures outdoor scenery. It’s a look to love we wrote about here. In this bright kitchen A-Series Casement and Transom Windows provide contrast and draw the eye outdoors.


Create Natural Movement and Flow Between Spaces

build: Raykon Construction / photo: Jared Medley

Create a home made for entertaining with oversized doors that create natural flow between your indoor and outdoor spaces. In this beautiful home, an Architectural Collection Folding Outswing Door lets guests easily interact with each other from the indoor living room to the outdoor pool.


Style an Outdoor Living Space

architect: David Kotzebue / photo: Jacob Elliott

Draw your guests out with an outdoor living space that feels as warm and inviting as your indoor family room. Upholster comfortable sofas in Sunbrella fabric, bring in color and pattern with pillows and throws, and style a coffee table with greenery and books. This beautifully styled space can be enclosed with the Weiland Liftslide Door in a custom 14′ height.


Remove all Boundaries with Moveable Glass Walls

photo: Ben Weiland / product: Weiland Liftslide Door

Andersen’s Big Door Collection allows custom walls of moveable glass to completely blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor, opening up square footage, natural light, fresh air, and expansive views.

architect: David Kotzebue / photo: Jacob Elliott

How amazing is this completely open concept created with the Weiland Liftslide Door? The wall between in and out can be completely opened up for a modern lifestyle that embraces nature.

Beautiful projects, right? Andersen’s line of windows and Big Doors are inspiring our upcoming designs. To learn more about their products, explore their series of windows and doors here or find your perfect match. Check back soon to see the reveal of our design using two of Andersen’s doors at the show!

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