5 Timeless Trends to Work into your Projects this Year

Home renovations are tricky–you want your newly designed space to feel fresh and new, but if you’re dropping that kind of cash you want the space to feel timeless. It’s an almost universal concern for our clients. Which of the beautiful trending ideas on Pinterest will stand the test of time? Although design, and your tastes, are always evolving, there are some design elements that are classics. Today we are sharing five timeless design trends.


estillo Kitchen

Becki Owens Estillo Project

Although there are other countertops to love, marble continues to be a favorite. The rich veining, the fresh white color, the versatility no matter if your design is traditional or modern. It creates such a beautiful organic look. Throughout history, marble has long been used as a symbol of luxury and it will continue to age beautifully in your home.



White Subway Tile

Becki Owens Villa Bonita Project

There is a lot of beautiful tile out there but if you want a look that is crisp and bullet proof stick with subway tile. It’s a clean affordable look that evokes the feel of a professional kitchen. Plus, it creates a versatile backdrop that will work with any color or style as you add in different kitchen accents over the years. If you are worried that the look is too simple, you can always add dimension by laying tile in a unique pattern, through grout color, or by using a hand-fired tile like these in my Villa Bonita Project from Fireclay Tile.


Vintage Turkish Rugs

Becki Owens Las Palmas Project

You know that one of our favorite styling tips is to add a vintage style rug to a space. We use them in entries, bathrooms, kitchens, and of course to ground bedrooms and living rooms. This look has exploded into a mega trend, but it’s one that will continue to look good even after the trend has passed. Vintage rugs add a collected Old World feel to a space and can work in almost all styles of home. The real deal handwoven in wool is the best way to make sure your rug will look rich for years to come. Some of our favorites are sourced directly from Turkey and sold on Etsy.


Rustic Styling Elements

Becki Owens Brio Project

We always style out our kitchens with a collection of cutting boards, farmhouse pottery, and wooden serving utensils. The different wood tones and shapes piled together add character and warmth to the space. It’s a look that has always been a staple in European kitchens. The layered collected vibe of rustic organic textures adds a sense of history to your space, which always looks good no matter what is trending.



Becki Owens Brio Project

At the start of 2018 in Design Trend: The New Traditional, we wrote that we were seeing a swing back toward traditional design. One element of traditional design that has been trending this year is chinoiserie. Think lacquer, bamboo, blue and white pottery, and floral motif wall coverings.  It’s a trend, but it always looks good. Keep it feeling fresh by mixing it in with modern and rustic pieces.


Mixing in timeless elements with modern updates and trending accents makes for a beautiful layered look that is unique to you and your home. We have a lineup of trends we are predicting to be big in 2019 so make sure you are following along!


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