5 Refreshing White Exterior Paints

Becki Owens White Paint
Becki Owens Beach Front Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Picking the right white exterior paint for you home? It’s overwhelming, we know. Although it is impossible to share a fool-proof white that works for every style house in every location, we can give a few suggestions to get you started. Whether you prefer the modern look of a crisp white or the warm vibe of something creamier, we’ve got a few ideas. Take a look!

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

A modern farmhouse painted Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Windows are black frames with gray trim.
Jackson Built Custom Homes

Chantilly Lace is our go to interior white and we love it just as much on this pretty Southern coastal exterior. It’s a crisp, modern white that can pair with black accents and rustic woods without turning dingy. In most lights it reads as a “true white” without looking too blue or too yellow.

Sherwin Williams Pure White

Becki owens white paint Sherwin Williams Pure White
Barrow Building Group

Pure White by Sherwin Williams is crisp enough that it doesn’t fall into creamy even in low light, but does have enough warmth in it to keep it from feeling stark. It’s a great white and if you’re trying out samples it is a good middle ground place to start.

Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove White Paint Exterior
J Taylor Designs

Benjamin Moore might be the most popular white, both inside the house and out. In this picture it looks bright, but compared to Chantilly Lace and Pure White, it reads as an “off-white” with a little warm gray undertone.

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice
Dixon Kirby Homes

On the creamier side is Sherwin Williams Natural Choice. It’s not yellow, but has plenty of warmth perfect for creating a cozy cottage feel. Our love for this home alone makes it a reason to try this pretty color out.

Our Own Benjamin Moore Custom Blend

Exterior White Paint Becki Owens Villa Bonita
Villa Bonita Project


When we couldn’t find the perfect shade of white for the painted brick of our Villa Bonita Project, we created a custom blend with the help of Benjamin Moore. We started with their no pigment white and mixed in a touch of black. Don’t be afraid to request modifications if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for! See this paint guide for details.

Although it can help you decide if you like crisp or creamy in general, it is almost impossible to get a true read on paint over a screen. We recommend you visit your favorite paint store, order samples, and try them out on different sides of your house. Analyze them at different times of day and in different weather if possible. It you find one you love, share it with us! #BeckiOwensFeature

Good luck!





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