5 Holiday Traditions to Start this Year

Holiday traditions make this month memorable. It’s so great to pass on the traditions of my childhood to my kids, but also fun to start new ones. Christmas is almost here, but it is not too late to add in some extra cheer that can be repeated year after year. Here are 5 ideas for new traditions that you can start today.

Cookie Hookie Day

The Cafe Sucre Farine

The week before Christmas can become nothing but a stressful list of errands. Bring the holiday magic back in to your home with a Cookie Hookie Day. Forget your list, wake your kids up, put on fun music, and spend the day making holiday cookies for family, friends, and those in your neighborhood that could use some extra Christmas cheer.

Wrap Presents with Reindeer Code Names

Emily Henderson

Check wrapping off your list early but keep your presents secret with this fun idea. Secretly assign each of your kids a reindeer code name and address all their presents to that name. Your brightly wrapped gifts add such a festive vibe to your decor and your kids can anticipate and attempt to guess which presents are theirs all month long. My kids all think they are Rudolph!


Secret Santa Letter Exchange

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Teach your family or remind your friends that sometimes the very best gifts cost nothing at all. Secretly exchange names like Secret Santa. Instead of buying gifts, everyone writes a letter to the person whose name they drew. The letter could be a tribute of best qualities or favorite memories with that person for the year. Letters go under the tree to be opened Christmas morning. They could remain private, or read aloud with everyone guessing who the letter is about.


Christmas Book Advent

See Vanessa Craft

Countdown the final days to Christmas with a Book Advent. Gather up your holiday books then go to the book store or library to make sure you have one for each night until Christmas. Wrap them up. Each night let your kids take turns unwrapping one book. Gather around the Christmas tree with hot chocolate and read together.


Light the World

Plum Street Collective

For me, giving back is more important than receiving. I want to instill this love of service in my kids and the holidays are the perfect time to do it. Every year my family participates in the Light the World campaign. It is a challenge to help others in need in a new way each week. Read all about it and find ideas for serving here.

Fun ideas, huh? I would love to hear about your favorite traditions too!

Merry Christmas!



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