5 Design Trends Here to Stay for 2018

Your home is your sanctuary and should be a reflection of who you are regardless of trends. But even so, I think that looking at popular trends and new ideas can be fun and can help you define and evolve your own personal style. As a goodbye to 2017 and a welcome to the new year, we are starting a new series of posts that will look at old design trends that continue to be popular, new trends on the rise, and how to evolve your look without starting from scratch or breaking the bank. Today we start with 5 design trends that we think will stick around for 2018.

Mixed Metals

Lindye Galloway Interiors

Mixing metals in a space or throughout the house keeps things from feeling too one note. Mixing levels of shine, or warm and cool metal tones adds texture and dimension to a space. It’s a look, that when done right, keeps things fresh and modern and we think it’s a look to keep playing with this year.


Open Shelving

Chris Loves Julia

Switching out heavy upper cabinets for airy open shelving makes it feel bigger and brighter. It’s a look we still love and one my clients repeatedly ask for. If you like the look but are afraid to loose storage space, keep your uppers on one wall, but try open shelving around your range hood or window.


Global Textiles

Brittany Makes

Styling with vintage textiles from around the world creates a rich layered look. The handmade textiles are works of art and timeless. Last year, cool-toned African mud cloth and Hmong indigos seemed to be everyone’s favorites. This year, update the look by adding a few warm toned pillows to your mix of black and blues. Try a textile with hints of pretty coral or rich gold.


Cement Tiles

Whitney Parkinson Design

Cement tile has been a staple of the popular farmhouse look but enriches the design of lots of different styles. It makes a fun, bold statement and I expect that clients will continue to request the look on floors, kitchen backsplashes, and mudrooms.


Natural Woods

Becki Owens

Light colored natural woods have a beautiful organic quality. Light wood floors brighten up a space, natural ceiling beams add a rich rustic look, and hints of wood add warmth to white spaces. I think natural wood will continue to gain popularity this year. If you have already embraced light woods, consider adding in styling layers of medium-toned woods to update the look and add depth.


I’m so excited for the new year and to share inspiring new trends and ideas with you. Check back tomorrow for the next post in our Design Trends of 2018 series.


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