5 Clever Home School Study Spaces

Summit Creek Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

It’s back to school time already, and for many of us, this year it’s back to Home School. When home schooling last spring, I discovered that having a set routine made the school day at home easier. Part of that routine is a dedicated study space for each of my kids. You might already have a home office that works perfectly, but if you don’t today we are sharing five clever home school study spaces that might work for you no matter the footprint of your home.

Put your Living Room Credenza to Work

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Save space and money by making use of the furniture you already have. We love this make-do office space using the living room credenza. Give this public space to your most organized child, and tuck a pretty basket underneath for them to store books and papers when not in use.

Have a Bedroom Vanity Pull Double Duty

Pottery Barn Teen

A small vanity in your teen’s bedroom can easily double as a study desk. It’s quiet and the clutter stays confined to their room, not your public spaces.

Make use of an Unused Stretch of Wall with this DIY IKEA Hack

Young House Love

If you are looking to invest in a new desk for your kids, this IKEA hack might be a great alternative. Using drawer units as a base, and a faux marble IKEA kitchen counter for the top, the look could be configured to make the most of any extra space you have available in a family room, kids bedroom, or in your home office.

Create a Floating Desk

Summit Creek Project / Rebekah Westover Photography

Keep the look simple, without using floor space by building a floating desk. We love this little one in our Summit Creek Project bunk room. If you are truly short on space, you can also make yours foldable to sit flush against the wall when not in use.

Keep it Simple Using your Playroom or Dining Table

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If you are keeping it simple and making use of your dining table, set your student up for success. Clean off all clutter, keep the public room as quiet and chaos free as possible, and add some fresh greens and a pretty scent.

If you are considering in investing in a new study space set up, be sure to check back on Thursday for our affordable roundup of desks, chairs, and other study essentials!



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