7 Beautiful White Marble Alternatives

I love marble countertops in the kitchen and if your heart is set on them, read this Best of Blog: Marble Countertops to learn about my favorites. However, if marble is out of your budget, or you feel it is too high maintenance, there are beautiful marble alternatives that achieve the same clean, updated look in your kitchen but with less work and some with less expense. Consider these marble alternatives for your update.



Quartzite is a natural stone with a look similar to marble, but the durability of granite. It is highly resistant to heat and stains and will not etch when exposed to water and acid like marble does. In it’s purest form it is almost completely white, but can have beautiful dark dramatic veining as well.

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternatives Bianco Macaubus Quartzite

Bianco Macaubas Quartzite in Kitchen by Old Seagrove Homes 

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternatives Victoria Falls Quartzite

Victoria Falls Quartzite in Kitchen by Courtney Walker via Atlanta Homes Magazine

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternative Thick Quartzite

AKG Design Studio

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternatives Macaubus Quartzite

Macaubas Quartzite in Kitchen by Alice Lane

White Concrete

White concrete counters are a very affordable option to getting that bright clean look in your kitchen. And even more affordable if you are interested in DIY. Plus, although they work with traditional design, they can add a modern industrial edge to a space. Once sealed, concrete is stain and heat resistant.

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternative White Concrete Counters

Chris Loves Julia

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternative White Concrete

via Remodeling Guy



Quartz is a man-made alternative to marble that is very popular. Many quartz options are so good that many assume the countertops are marble. Quartz does not stain or scratch and does not need yearly sealing and care like natural stone slabs do. It is also much more affordable than marble and a good alternative if you are on a tight budget. There are many companies with different colors and looks but I’ve rounded up a few favorites below.

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternaitves Quartz Ashley Winn Kitchen

Ashley Winn Design

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternatives Quartz

Rebecca Loewke Interiors


Alice Lane

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternatives Quartz3

Alice Lane

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternatives Quartz Kitchen2

House of Jade Interiors

BECKI OWENS Marble Alternatives Quartz Kitchen

House of Jade Interiors


Below is a resources guide with 7 beautiful white marble alternatives. I hope this comes in handy for you as your are researching your projects. Thank you for checking in to learn about marble alternatives and have a wonderful Tuesday.


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