5 Beautiful Black Exterior Paint Colors

Black lake house
Paul Bates Architect

Black exteriors are easy to fall in love with but can feel too bold to pull the trigger on going so dark. It’s a look we love and think it might be perfect for your house. It works on both modern and traditional homes and pairs beautifully with natural wood, creamy stones, and vibrant landscapes. Take a look at these five beautiful black homes and try out these five popular black paint shades. 

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

BM Wrought Iron Black Paint
Light and Dwell

A popular black, Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron usually reads as a true black, but does have some gray and blue undertone that soften it a bit. It’s a beautiful black that isn’t harsh.

Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain

Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain
JHF Homes

A black with very warm undertones, Benjamin Moore Iron Mountain can almost read dark brown in some lights. It’s a beautiful pairing with this creamy brick.

Bejamin Moore Graphite

Black and Stone Exterior Benjamin Moore Graphite
Chris Loves Julia

Benjamin Moore Graphite is another very popular paint pick because it is another that is a little softer, a little sooty. Even in bright sun, or stark snow, it stays pretty, not harsh.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore
House of Silver Lining

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore is a soft charcoal black that can read slightly blue in certain light. Here, it shows off beautifully paired with light wood and creamy stone.

Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom

SW Rock Bottom Black Exterior Paint
M House Development

Sherwin Williams Rock Bottom is an earthy black with green undertones. In some lights, it even looks like a dark forest green. It’s a beautiful pairing with rich woods, dark stones, and bright green foliage.

A few other popular blacks to try: Benjamin Moore Black Panther (our go-to interior black), Benjamin Moore Blacktop, Sherwin Williams Black Magic, Benjamin Moore Smoke Gray, Benjamin Moore Tricorn Black.

Happy Painting! We’d love to see what black paint color you chose and how it looks. Share with us! #BeckiOwensFeature


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