11 Stylish and Clever Kitchen Essentials

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  1. This hand soap is a must. It smells as good as it looks sink side. Style it on a wood or marble board with a potted succulent and pretty hand towel.
  2. This manual food chopper makes dinner prep and clean up a cinch. It’s amazing for onions, peppers, or diced apples.
  3. The silicone tip on these stainless steel reusable straws makes all the difference. Try it!
  4. A pretty charcuterie board is a must for effortless summer entertaining (or just late night family snacking!). We love this one in wood and marble.
  5. This spice grinder is just smart. So easy! We’re ordering a few for our most used spices.
  6. Kid and outdoor friendly melamine dishware pretty enough for a Pinterest worthy summer tablescape.
  7.  Easily pop out muffins, cupcakes, or crustless quiche with these colorful silicone liners.
  8. A milk frother is a fun, affordable way to take your homemade drinks to the next level. Plus, kids love it.
  9. An Instapot makes summer meal planning easy. Try these delicious recipes.
  10. Refresh your kitchen with new hand towels. It’s an easy and affordable way to add a little color or pattern to your space.
  11. This non-stick grill wok is perfect for adding vegetables to your barbecue.

A Few More Stylish and Clever Kitchen Finds



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