10 Tips from a Professional Organizer

The Home Edit

It’s the start of the year and we have Goals to make this our cleanest, most organized, and most productive yet. For inspiration, we are scouring one of our favorite inspirational Instagram feeds, The Home Edit. Organization experts to the stars, The Home Edit creates perfectly ordered cabinets, closets, and drawers that are as beautiful as they are functional. Plus, they have their own line of containers to help you copy each organizational fix (20% off TODAY!). Here are ten hacks they share for organizing your home.


Make Sure Everything is Visible and Accessible with Risers

“Dry goods in canisters, canned goods on risers, dinner in bins (and don’t hate on the ramen, you KNOW it’s delicious).” 


Use Turntables in your Fridge and Cabinets so Nothing Gets Stuck in the Back

“Bins of fresh fruit, a designated leftover shelf, and turntables on top.”


Create a Snack Drawer so Everyone (your kids) can Serve Themselves

“Simplify your life with a grab-and-go drawer stocked with snacks (like our favorite @angiesboomchickapop) that let’s kids serve themselves—and pack their own lunches, too!” 


The Right Container can Make Use of All Available Space

“Every cabinet can be maximized with risers”


Use a Docking Station to Efficiently Store Electronics

“Makeshift docking station using an acrylic divider and USB port”


Make Use of Vertical Space in Every Closet

“It’s easy to maximize the vertical space in a nursery closet since the clothes are so tiny! Add baskets to the shelves and floor, and line the top shelf with sentimental boxes for keepsakes.”


Create an Accessories Drawer

“Turn any drawer into a jewelry box.”


Store Shoes in Plastic Boxes

“Stackable shoe storage means you can store *twice* as many shoes, and keeps your shelves organized at the same time.” 


Hide Usable Clutter in Baskets (but Get Rid of the Rest)

See the Instagram Post Here


Under Sink Cabinets Can be for More than Just the Drain

“Don’t underestimate the space under your bathroom sink. Stack up and store more.” 


Thanks to The Home Edit for such amazing motivation! Their work is so inspiring, right? Check out more from their feed here, shop their product line here, or buy their book!



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