10 Tips For Amazing Interiors

1. Always add art. Buy a piece that moves you and then hang it at eye level – art is often hung too high. Art adds a personal element to a space. It’s a great expression of your personal style. Also, art is a great conversation starter, there is always a story for why it was selected.

owens and davis modern living room with planters and kelly wearstler

2. Create a great gallery wall. Have fun with this, it can be a major statement area in a home. It can fill a whole space, or be layered into an existing design. Consider incorporating pictures of relatives, places you have traveled, candid family photos, handwritten notes, your own photography, or your children’s artwork. Don’t be afraid to blow up old photographs even if they are blurry and aged, this will tell your history and be an artistic statement.

becki owens gallery wall

3. Invest in furniture pieces you love. It will be worth the wait and the price. Take your time while furnishing your home. Having the right furniture is more important than having a lot of furniture. Also, add curated accessories. Gather them during your travels, scour flea markets, collect books about your interests, layer in different textures, and shop for unique items you love over time.

Coastal Master Bedroom Becki Owens

4. Be organized. Clear out clutter. If you don’t love it, donate it. It’s always good to get a fresh start with a clean eye. Having your space cleaned out will open up new possibilities for design layouts and give you peace of mind.

5. Always edit, usually less is more. When you choose a simple palette and the right pieces for the foundation of a room, all you have to do is add a few details to finish it off. When accessorizing, a little goes a long way.

worlds away capiz chandelier becki owens

6. Trust your gut, your initial feeling is usually right! When it’s time to make decisions it can be overwhelming, there are so many great ideas to choose from. Keep a collection of your favorites and you will find it’s often your first inspirations that are the best choice.

7. Try to not over design. Pinterest is a blessing and a curse! Use it as a resource to find what you are drawn to and for new ideas, but don’t try and put every image or idea you find in one room. You want your home to feel curated and unique, not like you bought it all at once.

Cariloha Bedding Becki Owens

8. Bring the outside in by adding living plants and greenery! Plants add so much warmth and life to a space. They bring in color and give an organic, fresh element to a room. My indoor plant guide has great ideas to accomplish this.

indoor plant guide becki owens

9. Put lighting as a top priority. It is dramatic what lighting can do! Have fun when selecting lighting. Beautiful chandeliers and lamps can be the eye candy in a space. Lighting will add to the personality of a room and will affect the mood of a space.

before and after tuscan kitchen remodel becki owens

10. Add an element of surprise. There are no rules when it comes to design. Guidelines and good taste, yes. But bend the rules and add that element of surprise. This is your home, where there should be a lot of fun, spontaneity and laughter – your design elements can feel the same. Be courageous, start a trend!

affordable white kitchen remodel becki owens

I hope these tips are helpful as you are planning your projects. I would love to hear your ideas as well. Have a great Wednesday!


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