10 Ideas for Accessorizing your Bathroom

Whether you have a brand new bathroom or an older one you are trying to refresh, a few well chosen bathroom accessories can make all the difference. Today I am sharing some pretty bathrooms and ten ways they show how accessories complete the space.

Side Table or Stool

Amber Interiors

Pilar Guzman and Christ Mitchell via Architectural Digest

Statement Mirrors

Kishani Perera


Towel Rack

Becki Owens San Clemente Beach House Bathroom

Becki Owens

sarah sherman samuel bathroom

Sarah Sherman Samuel



Becki Owens

Alexander Design Build

Shower Curtain

Kate Marker Interiors 

Styled Tray

las palmas bathroom

Becki Owens

House of Jade Interiors

Baskets for Storage

April Tomlin Interiors

Becki Owens



Unique Rug

Ali Cayne via Domino

Clary Pfeiffer via Cottage Hill

A little Pop of Greenery

Sita Montgomery Interiors

Audrey Smit


Marcus Design

Leanne Ford via Domino

Adding beautiful accessories can takes a tired space and give it personality. Check back soon for more bathroom inspiration. Happy Thursday!



10 ideas for accessorizing your bathroom

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