10 Ideas for a Beautiful Backyard Oasis

It’s one of the best times of the year–warm weather, blooming flowers, and summer just around the corner. It’s time to fix up the backyard, porch, and balcony for outdoor entertaining and warm-weather lounging. Today we are sharing ten items that can easily be added to help you create your own beautiful backyard oasis.

A Rug to Create a Living Space


A Table for Dining + Chairs for Lounging

Monica Hibbs


Pretty Textiles and Soft Pillows

Lombardi House, LA


Blankets for Chilly Nights

Stirling Mills Interior Design, photo: Jane Beiles


A Bar Cart Stocked with Entertaining Essentials

Claire Zinnecker Design


Ottomans and Side Tables for Food and Drinks

Emily Henderson


A Tray Styled with a Citronella Candle, Magazines, Drinks or Plants

Brooke Wagner Design


Lights for Warm Ambiance

Lombardi House, LA photo: Chloe Moore Photography


An Umbrella for Welcoming Shade

Blackband Design


A Built-In or Portable Fire Pit

Brooke Wagner Design

For more outdoor inspiration, make sure to follow along on Pinterest and check out these posts: 5 Ideas for Unique Outdoor Seating, Outdoor Furniture Sales, and 10 Dreamy Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces. Also, next week we have plans to share more outdoor furniture finds, so make sure to visit again.

Happy Monday!




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